Reynaldo Rincon began studying guitar at the age of fourteen playing both popular and traditional music from Spain. His earliest performances were at local night clubs and radio stations throughout South America and Europe. He has Performed in several flamenco tablaos in Spain including Corral de La Pacheca, Las Cuevas de Nemesio, and Los Cabales with many well known artists such as Toni "El Pelao," Paco Toronjo, and Jose Soto "Sorderita".

Reynaldo has performed in Canada, Italy, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Venezuela.  In the United States he has appeared with various companies at Town Hall, Lincoln Center, Jacob's Pillow, The Berklee Performance Center, The Egg Theater, and Casa Cultural de EspaƱa. He has performed with dancers Raul, Angel Torres, Queti Clavijo, La Tati, Estrella Moreno, Jose Greco and Maria Benitez among others.

Some Highlights of his career are:
  • An appearance on the Spanish television program "Homenage a Beethoven" from Madrid
  • An performance on the most popular Colombian T.V. show at the time, the "Jimmy Zalcedo Show"
  • A series of performances with ROMERIA FLAMENCA at the Chateau Madrid night club in Manhattan.
  • Several performances with ROMERIA FLAMENCA at the Ballroom Cabaret in Manhattan that the NY Post named "the best show in town."

During his time in Spain, he worked with several groups and choreographers, among them Paco Fernandez and Rafael de Cordoba. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1990 he began performing with a reorganized ROMERIA FLAMENCA at such N.Y. nightclubas as Paradise Barcelona, Tattoo Discotech, Havana Post, Meson Asturias, and Taperia Madrid. He has also performed at the tourist office of Spain for the Spanish film director Pedro Almadovar.

As one of the cultural programs of the National Theater Institute for the Performing Arts, Reynaldo led ROMERIA FLAMENCA on a series of tours performing at high schools and universities throughout the U.S. from 1994-2000.